Opiate free for all


One of the things about the medical world that continue to baffle me is their ability to give out opiates like they are tic tacs. In the area where I grew up, heroin is the number one drug. Almost every drug addict is addicted to heroin, and while it is each person’s own choice, I feel the doctors giving these prescriptions out so easily are partly to blame. It’s so simple to get one of these prescriptions, even if you don’t need them. It’s even easier to get a refill and it’s no wonder that people are eventually turning to harder drugs to fill their opiate needs.

Many of the local hospitals are known for handing out prescriptions for opiates with very little questions asked. You go to the hospital and complain of back pain. They then shoot you up with some morphine, do an X-ray and if all comes back okay, they give you few weeks prescription of Oxycodone to keep the pain at bay. Then you run out of the prescription, you’re ‘pain’ comes back, you get another quick morphine shot and a new script.

I think they need to regulate how much they are giving out these pills. If the cause of the problem cannot be found, I think that prescribing opiates should be a big no no. Only when a real cause for pain can be detected should these pills be prescribed to those visiting the hospital. If this continues, drug addicting is going to continue to group and people with fake pain are going to continue taking up important space in the emergency room.  


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