Hey druggie suburbanites: Stop begging on the streets and go home

Get your parents to help you and don't waste my time.

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen two young women begging for money on the street. While neither of the young women were trustafarians, they were fairly clean and very, very stoned. It was as if someone had whispered in their ears, “If you beg for it, you will get it.”

I’m probably not going to waste any of my genie wishes on either of these women, but if I could give them advice and encouragement, I would say, “Go home.” 


Seriously. If you are on the street in those clothes begging and in your early 20s, beg your parents for money instead. Don’t beg me because I’m not buying your fake act and neither are the people who really need the money. 

Let your parents deal with your drug problem. If they can’t, let your friends help you with your drug problem. Don’t stand there on the street pretending that you are some Love Goddess channeling from the 1960s. 


All of us have problems. And we understand that you have problems and may be in need of a little extra help. But save the extra government resources for the people that really can’t get work and don’t endanger your life by using stupid drugs and ending up getting into a white van with a stranger going to an unknown destination. 


I have had two friends die due to drug-related causes and I don’t even use drugs. I’m not going to pull up the statistics for drug-related deaths in the United States right now, but I’m guessing that the number is still pretty high. 


Don’t let yourself become a victim. (Or if your friend is the one wandering around on the street, don’t let them become a victim.) Seriously. Go home to where ever it is you came from and get help. 


Some people I know who use drugs actually make it and manage to thrive, but the majority struggle more in the economy because some of the drugs are almost as expensive as prescription medications. And some are addictive. 


I know I sound like Nancy Reagan, but I’ve seen the future of people dabbling in drugs for fun turn out badly. Seriously. It’s not just like egg commercial; it’s worse. It’s not only your brain that gets destroyed; you can lose your friendships and worse. 


But again, I don’t really care. I’m not anyone’s savior. You may think you look like an angel with flowers in your hair on the freeway, but you aren’t. 

Drug companies fined billions

Fake advertising leads to one drugged up America.

Every time I hear of a child (or anyone, really) given a new medication, particularly for a mental condition that the kid’s likely too young to even be diagnosed with in the first place—or the massively over-diagnosed ADHD frenzy—I feel so dejected and sad and just hopeless. Our drug industries (and the physicians in their pockets) are making major bucks by keeping us all doped up—and while I know that many people need medication, I also know in my heart that most of these people (especially the poor kids) do not.

A part of my soul just dies. You see, I was one of the many thousands of kids “diagnosed” with depression as a teen and put on medication (one of the medications to follow, in fact!) to remedy my illness. Was I really depressed? Sure, but it was because I worked full time, did all AP courses, took care of two siblings, was in two sports, and ran about a dozen school organizations. I needed a damn nap, not drugs. And plenty of other kids need something else, too--whether it's a break from too much homework, needless testing, more time with parents, more time outside, whatever. The drug they gave me had the potential side effect of suicidal thoughts, just as many others do, among many other harmful potential side effects. Um, is that really something you want to give your child?

At least the drug companies are starting to pay for some of these crimes. While many countries outlaw the advertising of drugs (seriously, self-diagnosis by a cartoon advertisement? Who thinks this crap up?), ours relies upon them heavily during primetime (anytime!) TV. Many of these ads, however, have been found to be either partly or completely false—including ads for drugs like Wellbutrin, Paxil, Zyprexa, and plenty of others.

False or misleading marketing—ahem, LYING—were cited as the reasons why the companies dealing these drugs were fined billions of dollars, but I think we need to go further. Perhaps we should imprison them; after all, we’re still heavily involved in the war on drugs while all of these companies continue drugging up our children and our brothers and sisters and parents LEGALLY—sometimes even with our permission, and sometimes ingesting drugs that could (indeed, that have been) just as harmful as, if not more harmful than, street drugs. But instead we keep paying money and drugging kids while we penalize the poor for selling pot—just as we penalize the people losing their homes and jobs while Wall Street and big banks reap in record profits. Welcome to America.

An alternative to SSRI medication

I’m the type of person who likes reading about different drugs and medication just for fun. I find this topic to be very interesting and I think it’s amazing how a pill can do so much as to change mood, behavior and even the way our bodies function. I thought I knew about pretty much all the types of medications out there until I recently heard of the depression medication called Pristiq.

When it comes to depression medication, now a day the most common type of medication you hear about is categorized as an SSRI. Well Pristiq, like Effexor is considered to be a SNRI. They work very differently on the brain and those who have not had good luck with a SSRI type of anti-depressant, will generally do well on a SNRI.

While the typical SSRI increases the amount of serotonin in our brains, a SNRI increases serotonin, but also increase the amount of norepinephrine is our brains. When this chemical is increased, it can reduce the amount of depression someone has. Many people who have been on SSRI’s for years and switch to a SNRI, claim that is helped to completely eliminate their depression.

Another aspect of SNRI’s that is different is the effect in energy. A SNRI has stimulant like qualities and is said to help to energy levels in those who are depressed. They work much quicker in the body than a SSRI and help to produce an almost instant increase in energy levels. Because of the ‘stimulant’ like qualities, this medication is typically not a good choice for those who suffer with an anxiety disorder because it can make the anxiety worse in the long fun.  

Legal speed?

Adderall, Ritalin and other ADHD medications are used for people with hyperactive episodes. These are made from amphetamine salts and have a calming effect for people who have ADHD. However, for people who do not have ADHD, these medications can have the exact opposite effect. This medication can ask like a ‘speed’ type pill and give people tons of energy and concentration that will last for hours. That is why ADHD medications have become the number 1 abused prescription medications among high school and college students.

Not only do these pills give you energy, they provide you with a euphoric feeling that goes away after a few uses. Those abusing the pill quickly become addicted, taking more and more of the medication in hopes of getting the same effects. With the high-demand on these pills, those who are prescribed them sell them at as much as $10.00 per pill.

When you take this medication for its speedy properties, it is easy to take so much that has permanent consequences and even death. Stimulant medications speed up your hate rate, increase your blood pressure and out a ton of work on your organs. Many students have already overdosed and died from these medications. If you know someone who is abusing this medication, it is important to inform them of the serious consequences that it can have.

When on one of these speed pills, you can usually notice the changes in a person. They may play with their mouth often, click their jaw, talk a lot more than usual and seem much more energetic than they usually do. They may focus on one thing for hours, or become overall focused- working on one task for an extended amount of time without accomplishing any results. ADHD medication addiction continues to grow- even to the point that many are going to rehab just to get off the addictive medication. 

Opiate free for all


One of the things about the medical world that continue to baffle me is their ability to give out opiates like they are tic tacs. In the area where I grew up, heroin is the number one drug. Almost every drug addict is addicted to heroin, and while it is each person’s own choice, I feel the doctors giving these prescriptions out so easily are partly to blame. It’s so simple to get one of these prescriptions, even if you don’t need them. It’s even easier to get a refill and it’s no wonder that people are eventually turning to harder drugs to fill their opiate needs.

Many of the local hospitals are known for handing out prescriptions for opiates with very little questions asked. You go to the hospital and complain of back pain. They then shoot you up with some morphine, do an X-ray and if all comes back okay, they give you few weeks prescription of Oxycodone to keep the pain at bay. Then you run out of the prescription, you’re ‘pain’ comes back, you get another quick morphine shot and a new script.

I think they need to regulate how much they are giving out these pills. If the cause of the problem cannot be found, I think that prescribing opiates should be a big no no. Only when a real cause for pain can be detected should these pills be prescribed to those visiting the hospital. If this continues, drug addicting is going to continue to group and people with fake pain are going to continue taking up important space in the emergency room.  

Youth drug use


The more I listen to the news and word of mouth stories, the more I realize that kids seem to be trying drugs at a younger and younger age. We’re not even talking about starter drugs, we’re talking about real addiction to hardcore drugs that are difficult to get off of. No matter what I read I just can’t seem to find the answer as to why this is occurring so often.

Many kids are starting to smoke marijuana as young at 10 years old and progressing with their drug use from there.  You honestly shouldn’t even know about a drug at 10, none-the-less be using them. From what I’ve gathered, many of these kids are using with other brothers or sisters- even their own parent’s. However, that’s not always the case. Many of these young children are buying and experimenting with these drugs on their own recognizance.

I just can’t understand what is happening to our youth. Maybe this drug use is the reason some many young children have become deviants to society. I honestly fear for my youngest son, as to what the generations will be like when he’s old enough to know right from wrong. My 16 year old has so many horror stories about both the girls and boys much younger than him and it’s never ceases to blow me away.

I think we really need to start accessing the reason as to why the young is using drugs before they even really know much about life and what comes with drug use. The commercials against drug use are all in well, but there much be something else done before it is just too late. 

Drug addiction problems continue to grow

I was recently watching a special on TV that stated 87% of the country is dealing with a drug addiction. At first, I thought there was no way this could be true, but the more I thought about it, it makes sense. Drug addiction is becoming such a common epidemic that I wonder how much worse things will get by the time my youngest has grown up.

The addiction doesn’t even have an age category and is reaching young children! A few weeks ago I read a newspaper article that stated an 11 year old boy was found overdosed on Heroin during a drug bust. 11 years old is so young, I nearly could not believe it. But, when reading professional opinions on the topic, it started making more sense to me.

It is not an excuse for the behavior, but professionals have stated that more and more people are turning to drugs as a way to deal with their depression, anxiety and everyday stress. The economy is terrible, suicide rates have gone up and when these people are reaching their breaking point, they are turning to a substance that helps make everything ‘feel better’.

This fix is only a temporary solution through and could give users a lifetime of chasing drugs and going to AA meetings. The drugs will stop working and more and more will be needed, thus increasing the drug consumption to the point of possible overdose. I hope the world starts to see that drugs and not the answer to our problems. Things will get better with our world and when they do, no one should have to be stuck in a drug induced cloud that they can’t fight their way out of. 

Are we a Prozac nation?

"I think there are many different reasons as to why our nation needs prescriptions for depression medications more than any other nation."

Many, many times I have read that we are a Prozac nation. People claim that everyone from children to grandparents is either on Prozac or in need of it. This may be true- I know several people who love their Prozac and claim it gets them through day to day life. But the question is this- why are we a Prozac nation?

I think there are many different reasons as to why our nation needs prescriptions for depression medications more than any other nation. For one- look at our economy right now. Our economy alone is enough to make even the happiest of people depressed. They say the economy has gotten better, but honestly, people are still working jobs that don’t allow them to afford the things they need in life other than the basics. If they even have a job at all.

Many parents need Prozac because look at the generation these days. Kids are on drugs, getting arrested, stealing and having intimate relations as young as 12 years old. Children are more out of control than they have ever been in the past, causing an increase in medication doses and parents obtaining grey hair much sooner than ever before.

If that were not enough, adultery is a common epidemic these days, almost every child is raised in a broken home and you pretty much cannot walk down the street alone without the fear of being robbed or killed. The world isn’t the same place as it was in the past and I feel our nation much deserves the Prozac it’s prescribed. 

Dangers of anxiety medications

Benzos such as Xanax and Klonipin are popular anxiety control drugs. They were at one time one of the most commonly prescribed medications among both family doctors and psychiatrists.  This drug quickly became a common street drug that was sold among the young, the old and the in between. It is also a widely purchased drug among college students and many people become addicted to these pills quite quickly.

The problem with benzos is their quick tolerance buildup. Even if someone takes them as prescribed, their body quickly builds up a tolerance and they need more and more of the drug to feel the same effects. This leads to the prescription running out quicker and people looking on the streets for the drug. Even those who are not prescribed the drug begin looking on the street for the drug, in hopes to feel the calmness they provide or get a quick high.

In certain situations, this type of drug works miracles and really helps you out, but they are terrible for long-term use. Even if they are taken as prescribed, they are one of the most difficult drugs to come off of and you can actually die from the withdraw effects. Many times other drugs must be prescribed in order for the person to remain stable during the withdraw process. Doctors are beginning to crack down on prescribing them because of this abuse, but I just worry because it seems this new crackdown will limit the availability of the drugs to those who actually need them. 

More Scary Water News

If it weren’t bad enough that water in at least half of the United States contains poisonous arsenic, we have more water worries ahead of us. Some scientists are suggesting that we add lithium to drinking water across the board in order to lower suicide rates and violent crime rates. The drug is traditionally prescribed for people with severe depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood issues.

So rather than giving people the freedom to choose what they put into their own bodies—and providing them with the resources, education, and general compassion that could prevent suicide and crime—drugging the entire country is now the best plan we have? Isn’t that just a little drastic?

I suppose it’s not, considering that doctors are willing to drug children as young as four with behavioral drugs for simply acting like children. Controlling the masses with drugs isn’t a new idea; we’ve even resorted to biological warfare (weather meaning to or not) to exterminate people, let alone control them.

As an unschooler who believes that schools were not set up to educate, but to control the population, I have to wonder if this is a ploy at getting to the entire population since millions are opting out of schools today. “We can’t get all the kiddies who aren’t going to school anymore,” I can hear the old men grumble now, “so maybe we can medicate them with their own drinking water and create placid, orderly sheep that way instead.” Never mind the side effects, like fever, pain, light-headedness, vomiting, vision problems, and dozens of others. The “side effect” of confusion, of course, is something I’m sure the powers that be would welcome.

Yes, this sounds like a conspiracy theorist speaking—and maybe I am—but drugging our water supply is a pretty damn big deal. Many parents work hard to ensure that their kids don’t ingest pesticides, harmful drugs or chemicals, and any other additives that could chemically alter the way they naturally exist—may people do the same for themselves, too—and now we have to worry about our water being injected with antidepressants?

Perhaps the so-called experts should work harder on making our world less depressing instead. Perhaps they could, I don’t know, give people jobs, reform corporations, focus on renewable resources, make sure no one goes to bed hungry, and you know, be human, rather than opting to drug us all like lab animals.