More Scary Water News

More Scary Water News

If it weren’t bad enough that water in at least half of the United States contains poisonous arsenic, we have more water worries ahead of us. Some scientists are suggesting that we add lithium to drinking water across the board in order to lower suicide rates and violent crime rates. The drug is traditionally prescribed for people with severe depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood issues.

So rather than giving people the freedom to choose what they put into their own bodies—and providing them with the resources, education, and general compassion that could prevent suicide and crime—drugging the entire country is now the best plan we have? Isn’t that just a little drastic?

I suppose it’s not, considering that doctors are willing to drug children as young as four with behavioral drugs for simply acting like children. Controlling the masses with drugs isn’t a new idea; we’ve even resorted to biological warfare (weather meaning to or not) to exterminate people, let alone control them.

As an unschooler who believes that schools were not set up to educate, but to control the population, I have to wonder if this is a ploy at getting to the entire population since millions are opting out of schools today. “We can’t get all the kiddies who aren’t going to school anymore,” I can hear the old men grumble now, “so maybe we can medicate them with their own drinking water and create placid, orderly sheep that way instead.” Never mind the side effects, like fever, pain, light-headedness, vomiting, vision problems, and dozens of others. The “side effect” of confusion, of course, is something I’m sure the powers that be would welcome.

Yes, this sounds like a conspiracy theorist speaking—and maybe I am—but drugging our water supply is a pretty damn big deal. Many parents work hard to ensure that their kids don’t ingest pesticides, harmful drugs or chemicals, and any other additives that could chemically alter the way they naturally exist—may people do the same for themselves, too—and now we have to worry about our water being injected with antidepressants?

Perhaps the so-called experts should work harder on making our world less depressing instead. Perhaps they could, I don’t know, give people jobs, reform corporations, focus on renewable resources, make sure no one goes to bed hungry, and you know, be human, rather than opting to drug us all like lab animals.