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Legal speed?

Adderall, Ritalin and other ADHD medications are used for people with hyperactive episodes. These are made from amphetamine salts and have a calming effect for people who have ADHD. However, for people who do not have ADHD, these medications can have the exact opposite effect. This medication can ask like a ‘speed’ type pill and give people tons of energy and concentration that will last for hours. That is why ADHD medications have become the number 1 abused prescription medications among high school and college students.

Not only do these pills give you energy, they provide you with a euphoric feeling that goes away after a few uses. Those abusing the pill quickly become addicted, taking more and more of the medication in hopes of getting the same effects. With the high-demand on these pills, those who are prescribed them sell them at as much as $10.00 per pill.

When you take this medication for its speedy properties, it is easy to take so much that has permanent consequences and even death. Stimulant medications speed up your hate rate, increase your blood pressure and out a ton of work on your organs. Many students have already overdosed and died from these medications. If you know someone who is abusing this medication, it is important to inform them of the serious consequences that it can have.

When on one of these speed pills, you can usually notice the changes in a person. They may play with their mouth often, click their jaw, talk a lot more than usual and seem much more energetic than they usually do. They may focus on one thing for hours, or become overall focused- working on one task for an extended amount of time without accomplishing any results. ADHD medication addiction continues to grow- even to the point that many are going to rehab just to get off the addictive medication.