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Hey druggie suburbanites: Stop begging on the streets and go home

Get your parents to help you and don't waste my time.

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen two young women begging for money on the street. While neither of the young women were trustafarians, they were fairly clean and very, very stoned. It was as if someone had whispered in their ears, “If you beg for it, you will get it.”

I’m probably not going to waste any of my genie wishes on either of these women, but if I could give them advice and encouragement, I would say, “Go home.” 


Seriously. If you are on the street in those clothes begging and in your early 20s, beg your parents for money instead. Don’t beg me because I’m not buying your fake act and neither are the people who really need the money. 

Let your parents deal with your drug problem. If they can’t, let your friends help you with your drug problem. Don’t stand there on the street pretending that you are some Love Goddess channeling from the 1960s. 


All of us have problems. And we understand that you have problems and may be in need of a little extra help. But save the extra government resources for the people that really can’t get work and don’t endanger your life by using stupid drugs and ending up getting into a white van with a stranger going to an unknown destination. 


I have had two friends die due to drug-related causes and I don’t even use drugs. I’m not going to pull up the statistics for drug-related deaths in the United States right now, but I’m guessing that the number is still pretty high. 


Don’t let yourself become a victim. (Or if your friend is the one wandering around on the street, don’t let them become a victim.) Seriously. Go home to where ever it is you came from and get help. 


Some people I know who use drugs actually make it and manage to thrive, but the majority struggle more in the economy because some of the drugs are almost as expensive as prescription medications. And some are addictive. 


I know I sound like Nancy Reagan, but I’ve seen the future of people dabbling in drugs for fun turn out badly. Seriously. It’s not just like egg commercial; it’s worse. It’s not only your brain that gets destroyed; you can lose your friendships and worse. 


But again, I don’t really care. I’m not anyone’s savior. You may think you look like an angel with flowers in your hair on the freeway, but you aren’t.