February 2012

Legal speed?

Adderall, Ritalin and other ADHD medications are used for people with hyperactive episodes. These are made from amphetamine salts and have a calming effect for people who have ADHD. However, for people who do not have ADHD, these medications can have the exact opposite effect. This medication can ask like a ‘speed’ type pill and give people tons of energy and concentration that will last for hours. That is why ADHD medications have become the number 1 abused prescription medications among high school and college students.

Opiate free for all


One of the things about the medical world that continue to baffle me is their ability to give out opiates like they are tic tacs. In the area where I grew up, heroin is the number one drug. Almost every drug addict is addicted to heroin, and while it is each person’s own choice, I feel the doctors giving these prescriptions out so easily are partly to blame. It’s so simple to get one of these prescriptions, even if you don’t need them. It’s even easier to get a refill and it’s no wonder that people are eventually turning to harder drugs to fill their opiate needs.

Youth drug use


The more I listen to the news and word of mouth stories, the more I realize that kids seem to be trying drugs at a younger and younger age. We’re not even talking about starter drugs, we’re talking about real addiction to hardcore drugs that are difficult to get off of. No matter what I read I just can’t seem to find the answer as to why this is occurring so often.

Are we a Prozac nation?

"I think there are many different reasons as to why our nation needs prescriptions for depression medications more than any other nation."

Many, many times I have read that we are a Prozac nation. People claim that everyone from children to grandparents is either on Prozac or in need of it. This may be true- I know several people who love their Prozac and claim it gets them through day to day life. But the question is this- why are we a Prozac nation?